Leg to Body Ratio Calculator

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Leg to body ratio (LTB):

The mean leg to body ratio (LTB) is 0.491, with women having a higher LTB than men.

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What is the leg to body ratio?

The leg-to-body (LTB) ratio is commonly used to evaluate dietary health and wellbeing, particularly in children. Longer leg lengths have been linked to a better health prognosis, including a lower risk of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer, as well as reduced blood pressure and rates of mortality.

From a strictly aesthetic standpoint, this metric is used to assess the desirability among both men and women, with proportionately longer legs typically being favored. You can simply determine your leg-to-body ratio at home with the help of a measuring tape and a calculator. The easiest way to do this is using the leg to body ratio calculator.

The leg to body ratio formula can be written as:
LTB = (Height - Torso Length) / Height

Sometimes you may hear the leg-to-body ratio being referred to as the leg to height ratio. It is important to note that both terms are used interchangeably and use the same formula. There are also alternatives to using this calculator. For example, both the waist to height ratio and the waist to hip ratio are similar in determining your health, and are often said to be more accurate than the BMI calculator. However, each of these health calculators are useful in determining your general health.

How to measure your leg to body ratio

To measure your leg to body ratio, just follow these 4 easy steps:

  1. Measure your height in centimeters
  2. Measure your torso length in centimeters
  3. Subtract the torso length from your height
  4. Divide the result by your height

Your leg to body ratio is the result of this calculation.

What is a normal leg to body ratio?

The average leg-to-body ratio for women is around 1.124, whereas for men, it was 1.123. In both cases, this means that the legs are slightly longer in proportion to the body.

If we represent the same information as a leg to height ratio, the average for both men and women would be around 0.529.