About Calculator Suite

The history of this website and how to use it

What is Calculator Suite?

Calculator suite was created with the intent of being the best resource for free online calculators. You can use it to explore math, finance and health & fitness calculators that simplify your life.

Our Experience

The development team behind Calculator Suite has lots of experience in building high profile websites in many different industries.

We have worked with companies in developing various for profit websites in the past. Nowadays we prefer to work on free to use projects like Calculator Suite.

How To Use This Website

You can use this website to explore the many calculators that we have available. The free calculators on this site will help you to answer lots of small everyday questions that you may be curious about across a range of topics. Some example questions that this site can help answer are:

Who Created Calculator Suite

Calculator Suite was created by KBT Web Ltd in 2021. Our team enjoys the process of building useful products and services for others to use.

With a keen interest in problem solving, Calculator Suite provides an outlet for KBT Web Ltd to work on small projects (calculators) that ensures the work always remains interesting with new challenges to be solved.

Why This Website Was Created

Calculator Suite was created to help people simplify their lives. Having worked on multiple startups over the years, it felt refreshing to build tools that are completely free for everyone to use to solve everyday needs.

This website was intentionally designed to be a free online calculator suite that can be used to calculate anything from simple math to health and fitness.


The calculators on this website are intended for entertainment purposes. Always seek the advice of a professional when making important decisions that will affect your finances or health and wellbeing.

Health & Fitness Calculators

You should always seek advice from a medical professional when you have health concerns. The health & fitness calculators on this website are not intended to be used in place of professional help.

Finance Calculators

The financial calculators are intended for approximate calculations and should not be used for financial planning without further research or assistance by a financial advisor or other finance specialist. You are responsible for your own financial decisions.